Saturday, May 2, 2009

Blush {Your Topless Undershirt}

I recently purchased a "topless undershirt" from Blush and I have to say, it is FANTASTIC! For all of you
out there who hate all the layers... ughhh, then this is the undershirt for you. I love that it is so light weight, and I can just slip it right underneath my normal shirt to add length. Having extra length is not only in style right now, but it also gives me more comfort to go out. I'm sure you mommas out there can relate, when you have kids you are constantly bending down to pick stuff up, get your kids, etc... well with the Blush undershirt, you won't ever have to worry about showing "a little too much" to all the other shopper's at Target... (hee, hee). Have you been there...? I sure have!

Another great benefit is that you can wear these while you are prego, and it will let you wear all your tops for a longer period of time... Yes girls, now you can unbutton your jeans and NO ONE WILL KNOW!!! LOL

Finally, you can have an undershirt that you wear before pregnancy, during pregnant, nursing, & AFTER.

Blush is offering all Passion~Baby~Fashion readers 20% OFF on 2 or more Blush undershirts! AMAZING!!!

Coupon Code: welovebloggers

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